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The Duster in the Bunker is a roguelike where: 

you play as Feynschroger, a legendary duster master who mastered Yamahame waves, and your goal (for the sake of something important) is to terminate Qanchacka, a duster master of Chakali discipline.  (Story)

Feynschroger can use various martial arts/combat skills,  cast Yamahame waves (destructive waves that are governed by Conway's game of life rules.) .... (Gameplay)


f: display fighting styles
i: display inventory
s: display skills
d: drop item
g: pick item

Fighting Styles:

    Quick Dust: A fast paced fighting style with a high chance of successful defensive and offensive moves but attacks are less effective.
    Slow Tiger: A fighting style with sudden and effective offensive moves but its slow pacing makes its practitioners vulnerable to most offensive moves.

    Floating Hammer: A fighting style frequently uses a combinitation of back/front and side flips to perfom effective dodging moves and overpowering but infrequent "floating hammer" attacks.

    Calm Dragon: A fighting style similar to Slow Tiger style but has even slower pace which allows its practitioner to accumulate enough energy for a "Calm Dragon's punch".


    Yamahame Waves: The understanding of quantum gravity led to the understanding of phenomena such as Yamahame waves. Suprising result was that on  pseudo-Riemannian manifolds of almost constant curvature, local interations of Yamahame waves are governed by nearly the same rules as the rules  of "Conway's Game of Life" cellular automata. Yamahame waves are dangerous to most lifeforms but they can be tracked/detected by proper equiment or some highly trained duster masters. Casting Yamahame waves is a very rare skill among duster masters as mastering Yamahame waves requires an immensive amount of training even compared to other dusting skills.

    Healing Drift: Duster masters can keep a short-term memory for the biological integrity of their body and also with some effort they can fast  forward the biological recovery period.

    Paralyzing Spark: Duster masters who learnt this skill can remotely cast electrical sparks inside a brain causing its paralysis for a short period of time.

    Entangled Tunneling: Using entangled bridges, duster masters can transport everthing inside a bubble around their body to another place in near-light   speed.


thedusterinthebunkerv02.zip 450 kB

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